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Owner, Mary Faustino

 The Cake Engineer is a Custom Cake Shop offering “dreamed by you, engineered by us” cupcakes, cake pops, cookies and other confections. We operate out of a fully licensed and health inspected kitchen. Everything is made to order using the best ingredients. We create each cake with the client in mind, basing it on their likes, wants and needs. We are honoured to be invited into our clients’ special life celebrations and treat each event as if it were our own. This company is our Dream Come True so we strive to make every cake, and the accompanying moment, be your dream come true too. 

About The Engineer

Mary Graduated, with distinction, from the Cake Design program at Bonnie Gordon College of Confectionary Arts in 2012. Before that, Mary graduated with diplomas in both Chemical Engineering Technology and Microsoft Certified Systems Engineering. 

Company Mission

 Our motto is "The Cakes Taste As Good As They Look". To live into this promise, The Cake Engineer is committed to using the best ingredients and making all of our products from scratch. Add in a dash of design, a pinch of magic and a whole lot of heart and the result, according to our satisfied clients, is that we have delivered on our promise. We want our clients’ celebration to be special. Seeing a child's or brides eyes light up when they see their cake is the reason we do what we do. 

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